Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Human Trafficker? Nope!

The homo-fascists over at the NOManiacs blog are claiming that Jeanette Runyon was indicted for human trafficking, The "document" they are using for proof is a simple complaint used to get a search warrant.  It is NOT an indictment.  Ms Runyon plead to a simple misdemeanor and was assessed ten dollar processing fee.

So why do these homosexual activist feel the need to LIE about Ms Runyon?  It is only a question they can answer but their whole  entry on Jeanette Runyon has not a single link to prove their allegations against her.

Translation of above, note the phrase: The criminal case was closed on 06/10/2008 by the public prosecutor’s office in the city of Kiev due to the absence of crime in your actions. The attorney General of the Ukraine has agreed with this decision.

 No people on the face of the planet are more intolerant or filled with hatred for those who disagree with them than homosexual activists and their fellow travelers. They are bullies. They feel entitled to be bullies ~ Laura Wood